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Veiling van 2 & 3 & 17 september 2014

2 September 2014 19:00
3 September 2014 19:00
17 September 2014 19:00

Viewing / Kijkdagen: Zaterdag 30 & Zondag 31 Augustus van 11.00 tot 18.00

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Thursday, August 21st

I’m sorry we had to turn down a few customers who had some items for the auction. We’re full, we really are. Furniture from the XVIIIth century onwards stowed up to the gate… Very nice paintings, modern and old masters, Chinese, Japanese and European porcelain, bronzes, marble and other sculptures, oriental art, comics and Tintin cars… Come have a look during the viewing on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st

Tuesday, August 19th

A new website and an entire new system: it takes some time. We know a few texts don’t match the accompanying photos, we’re working on that. Meanwhile we hope the bidding system will be ready at the end of the week, allowing you to leave absentee bids through the website. Feel free to send us an e-mail with your maximum offer, any time you see an item of your liking.

Great auctions in September, and lots more to come.

While we’re focussing on the September sales (2nd, 3rd, 16th and 17th), I can’t keep myself from publishing already one photo from I painting we’ll be auctioning in October. It’s by Florent Willems, good XIXth century Belgian painter of “scènes galantes”. Bought by the previous owners at Verkoopzaal Leys when I was a rookie there in the seventies. “L’oiseau apprivoisé” it’s called. “The tamed bird”.


Thursday, August 14th

Yesterday at the end of the day we found a genuine Albert Saverys between other paintings. A nice still life with à phaisant, today a very nice painting showed up, signed by a painter called P. Jacobs and dated 1831. It’s a 19th century interpretation of a David Teniers theme: card players before an inn. The quality is very good, it’s got the original frame, but I haven’t got a clue as who this Mr. Jacobs may be. There is a Paul Emil Jacobs in that period, but he painted in a totally different manner.


We’re already preparing the October auction as well. We picked up two nice pieces of Chinese carved furniture, a desk and a hall bench. As well as high class paintings by Florent Willems, Léon Brunin and others. And “Travellers before an inn” by old master Barend Gael. Good little old panel with horses and men. And a mother suckling her baby.

Wednesday, August 13nd

Yesterday I was on the road all day, saw some very fine pieces for October. And came back with a car full of fine wines (Ausone, Rieussec et al).

Today we have to notice that our auction room is filled to the brim, unless you want to deposite the odd Van Gogh, please wait to bring items until after the September sales. Thank you.

Saturday, August 8th

Still hesitating between languages. Now that we enter the world of google searches, maybe we might want to stick to English. But still most of our customers are Dutch speakers, with French as a second… Meanwhile I’m doing some translating descriptions from Dutch to French, as I’ve always done. Should I trust google translate more?